Martin Bermoser

Martin Bermoser is an Austrian actor and singer in theater, film and television.

Martin Bermoser, the austrian actor and singer began his career in 1998 in Vienna. After a numerous projects also in New York, Berlin and Stuttgart he nowadays continues his work in Vienna.


He started his acting career at the age of 18 at the state-acting-school Vienna conservatory.


Within his career he worked with several great directors in film and theater, such as Michael Haneke, Stéphane Foenkinos, Alain Gsponer, Harald Sicheritz, Wolfgang Murnberger, Mara Mattuschka, Barry Kosky, Robert Meyer, Michael Schottenberg, Arturas Valudskis, Astrid Griesbach, Folke Braband, Bernd Mottl and more.


Martin developed over the years a great passion for Yoga and Capoeira, and he`s been doing it now for more then a decade.