Martin Bermoser

Martin Bermoser is an Austrian actor and singer in theater, film and television.




The latest work of the artist Martin Bermoser is called Bubität, a concert!
With his band “Bermoser” he dares a declaration of love for life, but also an oblique look at the counted pandemic. He weaves his own story alternately in playful-light songs and then again red wine-heavy ballads. His music counters today’s heaviness with songfulness and humorous levity. Mischievous and at the same time profound is the bubility, the compass to new lightness and new consciousness. In the last two years from the pen flowed, någelneich, hail-rich, pattering heavy and core feather light. New Austro-Pop.

Martin Bermoser: vocals, guitar, lyrics, arrangements
Michi Reitinger: guitar, arrangements
Lukas Klingseisen: Percussion, vocals, arrangements

© Theresia Kaufmann